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Catholic Schools Dues

These are set by the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand.  You will receive accounts sent from the Diocese of Palmerston North.  These may be paid direct to CSB Ltd or if desired automatic payments can be arranged through your bank.  Forms are available from the school office.  The Principal is happy to discuss any problems with payment of fees.  The dues for 2020 are – Yearly $447.00.

St John Bosco School Annual Charges

We send an account out for each child for goods provided by the school.  School donations are $100.00 per year.  This covers costs of the RE programme, activity fees (to cover paper use, bus trips to Art Gallery, Puke Ariki, Catholic Schools Sports Day etc), photocopying, school shows and school sports activities.  These accounts can be paid to the office, posted, by eftpos or by direct credit. An Automatic Payment can be set up if so desired.


By regulation, children are required to attend school unless prevented by illness or some special home circumstances.  For the child’s safety, parents are asked to let the school know by 9.00am if their child is to be absent.  This can be done by our school app (search St John Bosco School from the app store) telephone, by note, by email or by oral message from another family member.  If a child fails to arrive and the school is yet to be notified of the absence, the child’s home will be contacted.


The school keeps a record of children who require special and immediate attention in case of insect stings or illness.  If you have a child who falls into this category, the school should be notified so that the necessary safeguards can be taken.  Parents must supply the school with special antidotes if they are likely to be required. Medication taken twice daily does not need to come to school.  Only the types of medication that require 3-4 does a day need to come to the office.


Assemblies are held every second Wednesday afternoon and start at 2.15pm.  We meet in the Church and include a variety of class presentations, special awards, singing, prayer, notices and a brief talk from the Principal or other staff.  Our Priest, parents, caregivers, preschoolers and grandparents are all welcome.


The bus list is filled in each morning to ascertain who is going home by bus.  The bell is rung at 3:20pm, and a staff member escorts the children to Paynters Ave.  If your child normally catches the bus and you collect them, please notify the school office so that it may be noted on the bus list.

The school asks parents to support our strong preference that only children in Year 5 & 6 bicycle to and from school.  We insist that children wear cycle helmets.


There is a sports uniform but they will only need to buy this, when they elect to join a sports team.  In terms one and four it is compulsory for all children to wear a school sunhat. We say, no hat no play, if they forget their hat they are to play in the shade or inside.

Campus Clothing makes and sells our uniforms. Please contact them on 06 769 5504 for an up to date price list and availability.  They are located at 94 Gill Street, CBD, New Plymouth.

Boys Uniforms

Summer Uniform

  • Grey Shorts
  • Blue Short Sleeved Polo Shirt
  • Blue School Fleece
  • Black Sandals
  • School Sunhat

Winter Uniform

  • Grey Shorts
  • Blue Long Sleeved Polo Shirt or
  • Blue Long Sleeved Skivvies
  • Blue Knee Length Socks
  • Black Polishable Shoes
  • Blue School Trackpants an option in colder weather
  • Blue School Fleece

Girls Uniforms

Summer Uniform
Choice of:

  • Tunics (Suitable for Junior School)
  • Culottes (Suitable for Older Girls)
  • Blue Short Sleeved Shirt
  • Blue School Sweatshirt
  • Black Sandals
  • School Sunhat

Winter Uniform

  • Tunics/Culottes as above
  • Blue Long Sleeved Polo Shirt or
  • Blue Long Sleeved Skivvies
  • Blue Knee Length Socks or Blue Stockings
  • Black Polishable Shoes
  • Blue School Track pants an option in colder weather
  • Blue School Fleece

School and Office Hours

School Hours
School begins at 8.50am and ends at 3.00pm but you are asked to see that your child is at school by 8.40am so that they are unpacked and ready to begin on time. Lunch break is 12.30pm to 1.30pm.  There is a Brain Food break at 9.40am.  Children need to have a snack ready to eat, i.e. fruit or vege.  Morning break at 10.20am. (Supervised eating for 10 minutes)

Office Hours
Our Office Manager, Andrea is in the office from 8.15am – 3.45pm each day and you are asked to phone the school at this time if possible.  You are welcome to make an appointment with teachers and/or the Principal if you have any concerns.

Bought Lunches

Every Friday you can order a Pita Pit for your child’s lunch at a cost of $6.00.

Orders need to be in the school office by 9am Friday.

School Community Group

The School Community Group changes at the beginning of each year.  The Group provides valued support, service and funds.  Everyone is most welcome to attend the meetings.  New ways to raise funds are always appreciated.

After School Care and School Holiday Programme

There is a wonderful after school care programme, run from the school.  It is based in the school library and runs from 3.00pm till 5.30pm.  The Holiday Programme runs during the school holidays from 8.00am till 5.30pm.

If you are interested in either of these for your child, please ring Cherie on 027 227 2177 or  06 758 3073.

More Information

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